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Originally Posted by jjbballfan View Post
man some of the decisions I liked, some I didn't..... Why is PHX no longer with Albuquerque,
Kerr got upset with the Southwest basketball group (They own Albuquerque and Tulsa) They don't stay in contact with the parent clubs and I read that last year that Albuquerque went three weeks without a trainer, dudes had to tape themselves (Bush league).

Originally Posted by jjbballfan View Post
and why isn't Dallas with Tulsa? Tulsa is closer to Dallas and they seemed to have a working relationship and PHX is closer to Albuquerque then Des Moines and seemed to again have a working relationship, unless maybe the teams wanted different teams or the league thought that it didn't matter......,
See above

Originally Posted by jjbballfan View Post
I like Sioux Falls still being with Charlotte and the T-Wolves..... It isn't so much the players as the fact that when a player is sent down there GM's come and visit.

but yeah some question marks in the system,
Yeah it's kind of wacky right now, but after the next CBA they should have everything straight.
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