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Default All Star Game for the West has players from the East??

hahahahaha None of the names in the boxscore for the West are stars besides bellingham and most would not even make it on some teams...

hehehhehehe This is so funny. The IBL Commsioner is just insaine now and it seems the Explosion is looking for another league to play in as they are FEED up.

I didn't much care for the IBL myself but I do like my team and if the IBL looses good teams they should fold up or let someone else run this league.

It looks like the game was empty did anyone show up..??

I love this artilce so TRUE....,IBLside.article

Seems the Explosion is working with other teams on a possible new league that is owner ran instead of one man calling the shots. I hope they get something or I will have to go back to watching --- NOTHING as the SONICS are gone also -----
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