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Default Explosion staff is getting sponsors for All Star Game

After talking with Canyons Owner Rick a sponsor of the Explosion Basketball team it seems the Explosion is looking for sponsors of the tournament beacuse the IBL does not pay for officals or prizes for the tournament does anyone know if Elkhart has to pay for everything also.

I find it hard to see the IBL grow and worry about the Explosion being in the IBL next year I keep hearing that they might go to the ABA... Please no they are not better maybe even worst.

Seems the IBL is out of money and making teams pay for League Tournaments? How unclassy is that...

The brothers play with the Explosion because they are a class orginization group with 700 plus people per game same players as last year and same coach. Yet the Hotshots seem to have a new coach each week.

The owner can't keep coaches can he keep teams?
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