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heres what i know the leage will return for the 08-09 seasion
the blast will win that i am sure of no baltimore blast playes have been released from contracts as of yet .

the leage will form in 2 divisions east & west this is what i was told
now with the old stock holders gone we can get the votes needed to bring in the teams needed to keep the league a float

as for steve ryan leaving good riddens glad to see his ass go dont let the door hit you on the way out now we can restructure the leage to bring back then fans & some new teams **** better yet let ed hale run the dam league
since baltimore has the longest successfull running team in the leage

he owns his own bank so we know he can fund it , we can call it F.I.S.L
The First Mairner indoor soccer Leage

Originally Posted by Aaronhere View Post
As more and more articles are making it to the web, a new look for the MISL is forming. From the Philadelphia Daily News:

Here is what I can see happening:
IN - Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Orlando, New Jersey
OUT - Monterrey (could head to the PASL), California (already in PASL)
COMING BACK/EXPANSION - Cleveland, St. Louis, Kansas City, Richmond, Cincinnati, New York (Long Island), Tampa/Miami (a natural rival for Orlando)

EASTERN DIVISION - Orlando, Richmond, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New Jersey, New York, Tampa/Miami
CENTRAL DIVISION - St. Louis, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Cincinnati
* Play a 26-game schedule (home-and-home with each other team)
* Top four teams in each division make playoffs

Just my two cents..........
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