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Default The "New" MISL

As more and more articles are making it to the web, a new look for the MISL is forming. From the Philadelphia Daily News:
Along with Philadelphia, the MISL had representatives in Detroit, Chicago, California, Milwaukee and Baltimore and added three expansion clubs just last season in New Jersey, Monterrey and Orlando. According to Rotwitt, the new agreement may find a few of these teams on the outside looking in at the revamped league.

Rotwitt said restructuring should take anywhere from 3 weeks to a month. Currently, the league is looking to see how many of the original nine teams will stay and how many more cities will want to field teams. Rotwitt claims that the new league has already looked into inquiries of starting organizations in New York, Richmond and Cincinnati, and even a possible return of the Cleveland Force, placed on inactive status due to loss of ownership in 2005.

"We are considering structural changes that will bring us greater efficiencies, while also allowing long-term growth and expansion of the league," said John Hantz, the MISL's former chairman and owner of the Detroit Ignition. "This day marks the end of one era, and the start of a new era for the sport of professional indoor soccer."
Here is what I can see happening:
IN - Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Orlando, New Jersey
OUT - Monterrey (could head to the PASL), California (already in PASL)
COMING BACK/EXPANSION - Cleveland, St. Louis, Kansas City, Richmond, Cincinnati, New York (Long Island), Tampa/Miami (a natural rival for Orlando)

EASTERN DIVISION - Orlando, Richmond, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New Jersey, New York, Tampa/Miami
CENTRAL DIVISION - St. Louis, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Cincinnati
* Play a 26-game schedule (home-and-home with each other team)
* Top four teams in each division make playoffs

Just my two cents..........
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