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Originally Posted by tops804 View Post
Keep in mind that in 1987-88 (The last MISL "glory year")
MISL was in 11 United States cities.
NHL was in 13 United States cities.
NBA was still growing and getting richer TV deals.

Even with the problems in some NHL United States markets, it's safe to say
that both other "major" indoor winter leagues left MISL in the dust.

Can indoor soccer go back to basics? Maybe even some old AISA cities? It
can't challenge in major markets, and needs a different marketing scheme.
And when you consider that teams like the Milwaukee Wave were in the AISA in 1987-88, the total of US major cities with indoor soccer teams was probably higher than in the NHL. And in some cases like St. Louis and KC, indoor soccer DID challenge in major markets. So what happened? Was it poor marketing that let indoor soccer down or was it perceived like a novelty which means it was doomed from the start? The AFL was probably perceived as a novelty at the beginning but obviously it has not only survived but is now a major league. Which means marketing and off the field issues are probably the causes of failure or success in these leagues.
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