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The idea about outdoor stadiums was really based on availability of mid sized venues in markets. If we are talking about Wichita I think the new Park City arena would be best. A few years back Masters Football out of the UK started playing "indoor soccer" exhibitions at the tennis club in Dubai. The only problem with tennis venues is the start at the international minimum size of 120'x60' and only go up a little bit in size. The Indoor Football League in Spain that hosts clubs such as Real Madrid plays on fields that range in size from 120'x60' up to 130'x65'. The fields are surrounded by boards that are about 3' high without glass. These games are very well attended and high scoring. I think if a league started here in North America using the smaller field with short boards and the futsal ball it would maybe be more popular and cost effecient. The small field would allow smaller venues to host teams. For instance the owner of the Albany armory was wanting to have indoor soccer played there. It would have only seated about 1800 for the MISL but for the smaller field version it would seat about 3800. I also think that the goals should be enlarged from 8'x14' to 8'x20'. I like high scoring games.
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