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Roots, eh?

Earl Foreman. Co-founder of the MISL, right? Same guy who said "I don't give two s***s about outdoor soccer." Dude conveniently forgot that the source of his player pool was, well, OUTDOORS... and suddenly bereft of the NASL. Those are the roots of the MISL.

Recall, however, that this league began its operations as the NPSL. These were the underlings that survived when the original MISL failed. The roots of this league were, well, in the kind of places like, say, Detroit plays now.

Indoor soccer was an attempt to grow a league like, say, spruce trees. Spruces grow in really wet climates, so much so that roots don't even bother digging into the ground, they just spread out and soak up the surface moisture. One stiff wind, and whoosh, down goes the tree. There's a lot more wind in the business climate than there is in the rain forests of the Pacific Northwest.

You got no roots. You have illusions of days gone by that weren't what you thought they were anyway. Step outside for a while.
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