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You are correct that the NBA teams can only assign a rookie or second year player to the D-League, and after that player is re-called, he cannot be assigned to the D-League again that season. Last year, the Dallas Mavericks used the D-League the most regularly, rotating the trio of Pops Mensah-Bonsu, JJ Barea, and Mo Ager and all 3 were never in the D-League at the same time. Since teams always have one guy on the Injured Reserve list, I believe this is the reason. There are no requirements for the D-League players that aren't assigned, other than that they supposedly need to still be developing. This isn't always the case however, as players like Darvin Ham (34), Randy Livingston (33), Derrick Dial (32), Keith Closs (32), Billy Thomas (32), John Thomas (32), Roberto Bergersen (32), Kevin Sweetwyne (31), Mateen Cleaves (30), and Jelani McCoy (30) are all over 30 and more than likely aren't really improving, just staying in the USA to get noticed and be more available to call-ups. Players can either be drafted or acquired through the available player pool. The player pool consists of players that the league has signed to contracts.
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