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Please read something into my "um". Pretty please? That's highly important.

The Idaho Statesman, for instance, always goes to, say, real estate people when doing articles about mortgage issues, so there's always sunshine being blown up our collective posteriors by this publication.

So, when I see this:

The Stampede owners average about 60 years of age, Ilett said. He has tried to lure some younger investors, but he also says selling part of the franchise to an NBA team is a possibility.

"We have to self-perpetuate this with people who are younger," said Ilett, 63.
I'm asking you to read between the lines here. I don't see where additional money is really arriving here. I'm not buying the line about sponsorship growth... or at least I'm not buying that it's substantial.

Thing is, the stuff on the court is sweet.

I also think the comments on how Ilett goes over budgets line by line with Gates and other staff is educational- something that others should be looking at. I still think of Burrell Lee's "I just want to play ball" and shake my head. It takes a lot more work than that to be in this business, even for a coach.
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