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Originally Posted by Aaronhere View Post
I think there is potential here, but I would love to see a few more teams in that region to build a nice rivalry with Oklahoma and the Silverados....Any ideas? El Paso? Beaumont? Shreveport? Arkansas (Little Rock)? Wichita? Topeka?
Beaumont and Shreveport would be the best choices if one was trying to group the team geographically. El Paso is pretty easy to get to by air and has a couple of potential venues that might be priced right -- though there is always the shadow of UTEP to deal with.
Corpus Christi?
That would be ideal -- more specifically up I-37 a bit in Robstown, which has a couple of venues that could work well and whose operators seem eager to fill dates.
How 'bout a bit of a novel idea: Brownsville. Set up a real bloodbath rivalry.
I'd personally love that, but I don't think Brownsville has a proper venue, though I could be wrong since they have built all kinds of crap since I lived there. UT Brownsville currently has no basketball program -- I would have to check if a new gym or similar space is in their master expansion plan.
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