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Default Mexico?

I'll agree that Ricardo's international expansion ideas are a bit off the wall, but having a team in Mexico not far from RGV (and maybe Brownsville, another area that fits the CBA profile and the D-League is extremely unlikely to touch) would be a good idea if the right person could be found to run it.

Brownsville is an hour from McAllen, just far enough for a good rivalry without undercutting the market. When Albany and Glens Falls were in the AHL together, both teams drew reasonably well and the games against each other were nasty sellouts.

If the rumored merger with the PBL comes through, there would be a team in Arkansas, but that isn't really that close. It's like 10 hours to Lawton from RGV by car, don't forget.

I wonder if any of the former USBL teams (particularly Oklahoma, which was a solid franchise and geographically fits this profile) could be brought in as well.
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