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Here is why I like the league..

1. Is the cities, most of them are great minor league cities ya there is Tulsa and Anaheim in which I would move tomorrow if I could because I don't consider them minor league cities and nobody watches there games but the other 12 cities are great. Ft. Wayne, Sioux Falls, Des Moines- all of these cities are growing big cities that have supported there teams great. Sioux Falls is in I think there 19th year as a franchise and is supported well by all of south dakota...

2. I like how it operates I love the assignment option, I think they need to figure out how to make signing players work a little bit easier but other then that its great.

3. Last the players, most college players aren't NBA players, because of the Dleague I get to see Jackie Manuel, David Bailey, Nik Caner Medley, Mateen Cleaves, and others. The league is thriving I just wish they would bring some franchises to some of the old CBA franchises like Omaha, Rapid City, LaCrosse, and Casper, because I think thats the type of cities the Dleague should be targeting....
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