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Originally Posted by Ken, Steelheads fan View Post
The Patroons organization has a history of not meeting its travel obligations late in the season. The Patroons did the same thing in the USBL last summer--refused to travel. It's another big red flag that the Patroons are cash strapped. Great Falls should get the wins by forfeit.
This raises an interesting question. Who is typically more to blame when something like this happens?

Is it reasonable to expect Albany to not fly out to Montana without knowing that either of their games are going to be played? Or should they fly all the way out there and show up at the Explorers' offices (which I believe are still padlocked by the police) to be able to claim their forfeit victories?

If Tuckman gave Albany his word <chortle> that they will have a place ready by the time they get there, are they then required to show up despite Tuckman's terrible track record in following through on his word?

Considering everything, I'd just split the games and give each team a forfeit win/loss.
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