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Originally Posted by roncris8 View Post
Heres my take on the game.

The miners played very sloppy.

I witnessed the longest .7 seconds in the history of basketball. (someone forgot to turn the clock on.)

The miners chocked on foul shots at the end. ( if they are going to waste money on kyle macey, at least have him show up for practice and teach them how to shoot foul shots.

and finally, would someone please find us a new PA announcer.

The great thing about tonight is there is always tomorrow!!

I think that I've figured out the miners fourth quarter problem...they don't shoot well, they don't pass well, they don't defend the layup, and they miss almost all of their free throws. If only the CBA would find a way to eliminate the need for a 4th period, we would be in great shape.
We did get hosed on the last play of the game...its the same old song and dance with these officials. Nothing else to be said about that.
At least the Diamond Girls new dance routine was hot!!!
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