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Cool CBA like a city league???

Now you guys are on here talking that the Butte team is having financial problems. So that makes Great Falls, Butte, Atlanta, Oklahoma, ok just pretty much every team except Yakima that has been mentioned this year as having problems. What is the CBA becoming, a city league. In a City League you get a sponsor or two to pay for the fees, here in Great Falls it is like 350 bucks for a team. Most of the teams in city league don't have their own jerseys, and sometimes the jerseys don't match, sounds alot like the CBA this season. And in city league the players don't get paid and there are no coaches, kinda like Butte with a player coach. After the games alot of the players go out for drinks also just like a city league team. The only difference is that the players aren't having to pay their way on road trips, and of course the players are better in the CBA.. ( Just hoping for a few laughs from anyone who reads this.)
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