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Exclamation I was the former director of sales for the Explorers.

If there are specific questions that you would like answered, then please post them, okay? I'll do my best to answer.

All I know is that on 26 October, as I was out of town soliciting sponsorship dollars for the team, I was unable to access my email account. I was fired later that day. I received a txt msg from Mr. Acra a week later saying that my firing was a financial issue--had nothing to do with the $100K in sponsorships I had already raised for the team.

Mr. Tuckman and I spoke when he took over the team. I was expecting to hear back from Mr. Tuckman, but it seems as if he's changed his mind about calling me back.

Office chit-chat, that phone conversation and stories that were on Channel 5 and in the GF Tribunecovering the change of ownership were wildly conflicting, but, it seems the truth won out.

It's amazing, in my mind, the tone of the closing comments from MontanaFella.

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