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Originally Posted by gbahoops View Post
what does everyone think about a springtime team there also
I think a Spring team would do okay there - not as good as a winter team, being that by May, most of the college students head home for the summer. That would diminish a portion of possible fans. They do have summer classes, though, and the college is still mostly populated by local Eastern Kentucky folks, of him several are within a 1 hour driving radius.

One thing is certain - people there love basketball. I don't think they can get enough of it. I miss the dorm days when we would get the security guard to unlock the gym (him and I were pretty tight by the time I graduated) so we could play from like 12 midnight to sometimes 3 in the morning. Those were the good ole days! There's nothing like having an indoor full-court at your fingertips to train in. I didn't play much at Pikeville, but I would link my bball development directly to those night by myself shooting in the gym when everyone else was asleep!
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