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I graduated in 2002 Howard, so it's been a while. Actually, my wife and I stopped in town on our way to Orlando in 2005. We moved from Michigan (THANK GOD) to Orlando for several reasons - she was looking for a law firm here in immigration law, I came to play for the Orlando Aces and also helped to start up a new church. The church didn't last, but I've definitely gotten a lot of experience in minor league basketball.

We saw the new parking garage and the Expo Center, which I think is beautiful. You could tell that the city was on its way to a brighter future. So many changes to the area. I'm not sure what the consensus is in the ciuty, but based on my experience, things started to change when Hal Smith came aboard as Pikeville College President. Shortly after PC had an influx of diversity, with several international students, African-Americans, etc. Before then, the city was predominantly caucasion with a limited amount of exterior cultural influence. Add that to several economic development initiatives, and you have a new, vibrant Pikeville, KY taking center stage in the Appalachian Mountains.

I'm totally excited about the growth of the city. Next thing will be to place either a Greyhound station, Amtrak or some sort of airport. The one, huge drawback of the city - automobile is pretty much the only way in or out right now. That needs to change, I think. That should be the next initiative.
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