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Default Perfection of Pikeville market

I think the Pikeville market is set up perfectly for minor league basketball. There's a hotel nearby - The Landmark Inn (probably a mile or so down the road), which also has a club (Mark II). I can see after parties there with the team. It would even be ideal to host the long-distance players playing for the Miners there, as there is a restaraunt called the Top of the Inn (I think) as well. My friend's family runs the place. They are good people. You talk about a business stimulator.

Heck - given the name of the team, you could probably get a hefty sponsorship from several coal mining affiliates. I cannot tell you how crazy Eastern Kentucky fans are about basketball. Even the high school games were mega-exciting. One ideal that I think would be awesome and create a huge buzz would be to try and nab up any of the 2001 Pikeville College team that went to the NAIA FInal Four (if they still play). That would be something special - especially since the whole county (almost the whole NAIA-followers in the whole state) were so supportive.

Man...I'm so excited about this team. I may need to fly in for the press conference July 19th!

Anyone know how the rest of the CBA is doing?

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