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Default Welcome Coach

Hey Coach,

Welcome to Pikeville. I wasn't aware there was more in the media this past week, as I was gone on vacation, but it's good to hear the word is getting out. I might even show up at the Expo Center for the press conference. I really am excited about the Miners.

Some asked about the Rifles. Yes, I was refering to the Kentucky Longrifles (shortened to Rifles their 2nd season, I believe.) The field itself is pretty good, but you're right, there wasn't much seating (not that we seemed to need it anyway). I think back in the 80s or 70s the Cubs had a Single-A team play there. The field was recently resurfaced with a real nice artifical turf. It's also used for high school and college football, but this is becoming a bit off topic.

I'll be interested in seeing how the new team interacts with the community. I might even be willing to help, time permiting.

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