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Originally Posted by sportsguy12 View Post
You can't compare college and pro teams and the support they receive. The fact remains that the CBA was thriving in some areas before Isiaih came along and they were never the same after he left.

I guess summer basketball a la USBL is the better route - just ask fans in Delaware/Long Island, New Jersey and Jackson, MS. I guess that happened quicker than the fall of Rome.

You are half right I think the CBA was thriving before Isiaih blew up the CBA but it would be hard to start up a franchise in those cities after they have been dormet for that many years..... Thats why I still push Rapid City... there is 2 NAIA colleges in the black hills and the one in Rapid isn't very good. The city is adding another arena and the exsiting arena though built in the 70's is as modern as a new arena with 4 big replay boards. that being said I don't think securing weekend dates would be much of a problem. Rapid city has 4 high schools in the area but south dakota plays very few basketball games on the weekends. The one problem with rapid is the communities attitude on minor league sports. they saw the Thrillers leave town after having league leading attedence they saw the Flying Aces owner leave town with unpaid bills and have seen other sports teams fail.

As far as Pikesville I have never heard of it Kentuckey bleeds College Hoops (UK, Louiville, Eastern Kentucky, Western Kentucky) I think you could put a CBA team in Bismark or Sioux Falls and even though both have dleague teams you could still probally drawl better then this community.
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