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Originally Posted by psbf View Post
why I've never heard of Pikeville. I think the league should consider keeping the team in Miami, or finding a bigger city that can afford to support it.
Now you're talkin. How about Owensboro! Hurray! We had a Kitty League baseball team back when that league was around called the Oilers. Now we have a summer collegiate baseball team that uses that name. The CBA team could play on that theme. A name like the Owensboro Oil Slick doesn't sound too bad. Or move the Eastern KY Miners and just call them the Kentucky Miners.

Oh and keeping with the financial facts the Per Capita Income in Pike County is only $14,000. Yes you read that right. When you consider that if this team has only a $750,000 budget which would be the league low the team would have to average 2,500 fans at $10 per ticket just to break even. That is considering the possibility that they sell $100,000 in sponsorships and pay everyone in the organization the league minimum. Conclusion: It is not possible.

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