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Default Grand Rapids might work..

..and Ken makes a good point, the local climate matters. You just can't look at a population chart and pick the largest places in minor league sports. That only works in Major League Baseball, which literally requires the 30 biggest markets in the country in order to survive (I know there are actually 25, but none of them are out of the 30's in market size).

Every other sport is a combination of population, management skill and "tradition," particularly in college sports where 80,000 to 100,000 people can attend a football game in small burgs like State College, PA, Auburn, AL or Gainesville, FL.

The "hotbed of college and high school sports" often doesn't carry over to the pros. When the National Lacrosse League started, they placed most of the teams in outdoor lacrosse hotbeds like Baltimore, Syracuse, Albany and so on. They all went broke because people weren't looking for an alternative to what they had.

Rochester and Buffalo succeeded, primarily because outdoor wasn't as big there. The indoor game succeeded on its own merit.

Occassionally it trickles to the CBA, but ABA and USBL teams thrive on the "we'll get good players from local schools and bring an audience with us." Even the Patroons tried that with Antoine Jordan and Craig Forth. It didn't work for them either.
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