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Originally Posted by panchess View Post
More importantly, Pikesville does give a busable market between Pittsburgh and Atlanta.
More important than that is the schedule. Will the league schedule the teams to travel Pittsburgh-Pikeville-Atlanta. If so somebody is going to get stuck with a lot of weeknight games. I doubt if they do that, they will most likely combine Anderson - Pikeville and Pittsburgh as a travel grouping since Anderson normally plays on Sunday, i'm assuming that Pikeville has the cheapest hotel rates so road teams will most likely spend the most a lot of days in Pikeville and the Miners will be playing the vast amount of the week night games with Pittsburgh getting the majority of the Fri-Sat dates at the end of the road trip. Atlanta is planning on providing a game/concert combo so they will most likely will be grouped with Albany. Atlanta on Fri and Ablany on Sat or vice versa.
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