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Originally Posted by jwalters View Post
This is a real kick in my male parts. Pikeville is in the middle of nowhere. There are about 6,000 people that live there and around 60,000 people in the whole county. They have an arena that seats around 6,000 for basketball but the venue is losing money. Why? Because it is in the middle of nowhere.
Why wont a team come to Owensboro. We have a 5,000 seat arena and we are an area much larger than Bismarck, ND which I'm sure you will all agree has done a good job with its team. This is a case of someone not really knowing about the area.
Isn't it more like 80,000 in the county?

Pikeville is a curiosity to me, precisely 'cause I'd like to know where those thousands of people not in Pikeville actually live. I haven't studied the area income, mind you, and I bet that's not a pretty picture.

BTW, if your arena isn't accepting someone that ends up in a town of 6,000, the real question to be asked is what your arena people are asking in rent, or what dates they're offering, or what have you. That seems to hold more weight these days, never mind that it does seem to place cart before horse.
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