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Default A couple other notes...

.. I agree with the general sentiment that minor league teams don't do well in "major league" cities, unless there is a direct hook to the local big league team, like the Philadelphia Phantoms of the AHL, or the Brooklyn Cyclones (Mets) of the New York Penn League. They are the exception, though, and not the rule.

The D-League Lakers team didn't even bother to try and sell tickets. It is strictly a loss leader.

Broomfield, an suburban part of Denver (it's about 20 miles away), is doing OK despite a new arena and the former CBA commissioner running the show. Fort Worth, a suburb of Dallas, has the worst attendance in the D-League.

In the CBA, Pittsburgh is well below expectations, and I don't think anybody goes to the Alley Cats games in Anderson, IN, about 45 miles from Indianapolis. Clearly nobody gets less press coverage than the Alley Cats.
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