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Default I agree

Frozenuphere, the Xplosion will improve their fan base with the momentum that they have currently if all stay healthy and this streak continues. Jackson knows what he is doing and is proving it.

Sportsguy12, the All-Star game was originally set to come here next season as part of an agreement(to my understanding of what I read in the paper) for our joining the league this year.

And it is a unusual for a league to switch All-Star sights(this is a first that I know of), as All-Star events are always a permanent event once set.
But I was told that this was the Xplosion's request so they can plan more events around the big event. When I first heard that Yakama was awarded, I did not know about it. To me, the bottom line is that we will have it and I look forward to when it comes.
As far as the Pens(somewhat different matter), I don't know if this is a ploy or if they are serious. But Mario insists he wants to keep the team here, so it may be a ploy. Time will tell, as will it's affect on the Xplosion.
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