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Default Right Concept...

..I agree with the general principle. I think Lincoln would not good due to Nebraska hoops, though.

Omaha has an AHL team and a modest D-1 basketball program, in a metro of 700,000 people or so. That would be a good bet. Rapid City is a natural for the return of the CBA, and I would think Apex would have it at the top of their list. So would Des Moines, which went to the D-League.

I do believe the CBA and other minor leagues can do a much better job of screening markets, but business sense is critical too. A bad owner in a good market won't work either, nor will one far, far away from the other teams.

If the CBA can't pull Rochester from the CBA, maybe they should work on Florida. Jacksonville from the ABA would be a possibility, along with the Florida Flame if they really want to play.
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