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Originally Posted by USBasket_EricE View Post
Sounds like Greer took an elbow yesterday and needed like 6 stitches. I didn't hear where he was hurt, but they said he was injured and on the bench. Did Mo Baker get ejected at the end of the game? I couldn't tell what was going on. They were saying something about Joerger and then they said Greer was escorting Baker off the court so I got confused.

I'm starting to hate the Flyers more than the Skyforce now. Sucks losing to a team three times in a row. C'mon Mavericks! Hurry up and recall Pops and JJ!!!!!
Yea, I think Mo got ejected. I was on the computer and my mom was listening to the game on the radio in the kitchen so I could faintly hear the game. I heard something about Greer escorting him off also so that must have been what happened.

I can't stand the Flyers either. They're making us look like a horrible team, which we are not. And yes, the Mavericks need to recall Pops and JJ. I bet you they do now that we are done playing the Flyers. That would be just our luck.

This kind of situation would normally put me in panic mode, but since Greer was out for 1 1/2 of these Flyers games and everyone made somewhat of a contribution, I'm not that worried.

The difference came down to three pointers. We were 4-11 and the Flyers were 11-21. Every other statistical category was about equal for both teams. And then I guess you could say that Barea killed us again.

I should probably point out some positives and negatives individually for us.

20 points- definitely a positive
4 turnovers- not the worst number ever, but this number should be lower
7-18 shooting- could be a bit higher, but I'm not worried

11 points- for him that's a good sign; hopefully his points keep going up now
5 fouls & an ejection- not good at all

22 points- very good
6-6 from the line- he just doesn't miss them
5 fouls- for him this is actully an okay thing since it's showing that he is playing more aggressively

15 points- a bit lower than his average, but the good contribution nonetheless
7 rebounds- not overly amazing, but good anyways

5 fouls- in 15:41 minutes; ouch!

14 points & 10 rebounds- double-double; I'm really liking his play as of late
6 fouls- not such a big deal because of the above stat

10 points- finally he's contributing a bit
6 rebounds- not bad for 23:49 minutes played

17:05 minutes- I'm assuming he didn't play as much since Mo had an okay game
10 points- good for the limited playing time

7 points & rebounds- in 15:10 minutes so nothing to worry about here either

DNP- hopefully he'll be ready to go on Wednesday; if not, someone will need to step up like Quemont had been doing

7 of 9 guys playing had double-doubles = nothing to worry about

We just need to find that chemistry we had and we'll be alright hopefully.

Dang, that was kind of long.
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