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Yeah, we do have a good chance tonight. We just need to stop Barea and Mensah-Bonsu now that Richardson is gone. Ane hopefully the trio of Major, Greer, and Maye (along with some of the other players contributing of course) can dominate.

I guess it's time for my all-star voting to look like this:
Renaldo Major
James Maye
Quemont Greer
Kevin Lyde (not going to happen but he's our only forward besides Greer on the ballot)

I've been wondering the same: where did Idaho come from? They are really scaring me right now. However, CJ Miles and Mouhamed Sene have been recalled so that should hurt them quite a bit. I still expect them to stay around the top of their division though. I think a big part of their success has been Jeff Graves. At least according to his stats, he's their best player probably. I just wish he would have made that kind of contribution when he was a Wizard.

I'm not a huge fan of the playoff system. I never liked the CBA winner-take-all championship game even though it worked out for us. Well, besides that the game was in Rockford because of curling. I don't like single-elimination ever. I can see where it could be a good thing, but if your team is the best in the league, it's very unfair. You could go undefeated the entire season (and I know, that's not going to happen in the D-League) and then make it to the championship game and then lose. Now you would obviously be the best team in the league, but you aren't the champions.

¡Vamos Wizards!
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