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Looks like there might be a chance for the Wizards in Fort Worth tonight. Jeremy Richardson, a major part of the Flyers team, got the call to the Atlanta Hawks and a "Major" part of the Wizards team is back (but Husted is gone). I still don't understand why Pops and Jose are not back in the NBA yet, but then again, it's tough to be from a team (Mavs) that's a championship contender with the players they've already got. The Wizards have had a week to rest so hopefully they saved all their energy for this weekend series. I'm glad the games are on the road this weekend because I've been under the weather for the past few days and I know I wouldn't feel like going to the games if they were here. Nothing serious, just a nagging cold.

Quemont Greer and Renaldo Major definitely deserve a spot on the East All-Star Team. As for the West, I've been voting for mostly Idaho players. Justin Williams and Andre Brown are in the NBA for good, so they really should be removed from the ballot, along with Jerome Beasley. Actually, there are quite a few players that should be removed now that I look at it better. Some players have been gone for awhile. Well, best of luck to the Wizards.

Where has Idaho come from? They've been nearly unstoppable since their horrible start. Luckily the Wizards have really been the only team that's been able to stop them (2-0). The Flyers broke the big streak, but then they lost the next night. I would really like to see a rematch of the 2004 CBA Championship this year with the Wizards competing against the Stampede for the D-League title. Wouldn't that be something?

In case someone didn't know, the play-offs are formatted like this: The first place teams in each division at the end of the season would automatically play for the division championship. The second and third place teams play a loser-out game to see who would advance to the division finals. The division finals are also loser-out games. The winners from each division would then play a winner-take-all D-League Championship game. I kinda like the idea that the play-offs aren't very long. In the CBA they always had best-of-5 or best-of-3 series' and that always took money out of the pockets. Then again, if the "better team" had a really off-night, they could always make it up in the next games. There's no second chance here.

I wish each team in the league had their own forum linked from their official websites. There were so many members when the Wizards had their own. Too bad the D-League is picky when it comes to team sites.

Well, go Wizards and good luck in Fort Worth!
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