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Default Kansas indoor history

Originally Posted by tony-o View Post
Columbus has the Lions now.

Topeka has the Kansas Koyotes and Wichita has the Wild.
The Knights were a different franchise than the Koyotes. When OPE (the then operating name for the Orlando Predators), which was an af2 operator, bought the IFL, the Topeka franchise wasn't taken in the deal and allowed to fold. (They didn't draw much in their second season. They played under a different name their first season, but I can't remember the name.)
The Koyotes (an APFL) were formed a year or two later.
Some of the other IFL refugees formed a league that would later become part of the NIFL.

In the IFL-af2 "merger," the Wichita franchise (then the Warlords) was transfered to the AFL Oklahoma Stampede ownership, then Grand Rapids, then sold to a Wichita businessman. The Wichita franchise was re-named the Stealth. That franchise folded. The owner's non-football business went belly up, and the league operated the team for the remainder of the 2004 season. The league tried to sell the franchise, but there were no takers due to arena questions (the Kansas Coliseum was at the time set to be shut down for two years for renovations and the new arena vote hadn't taken place yet.)

The APFL Aviators formed (just barely in time) for the 2005 season.

BTW -- You can add (Oklahoma City) Oklahoma Stampede (AFL) to the list. The Yard Dawgs came a year or two later.
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