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Default Team Thread- Dakota Wizards

Alright Eric, there's an Albuquerque Thunderbirds team thread so we need ours now.

I don't know what all to talk about right now so I'll just give my input on every player and give a miniature version of my stats sheet by ordering the players by efficiency per 48 minutes.

1. Rod Benson (33.42857143)
I really enjoy watching Rod play. He's currently the most exciting player on the team in my opinion with Renaldo gone. He needs to improve some things, but his field goal percentage is amazing (74.19354839% on 31 shot attempts).

2. Dontell Jefferson (26.66666667)
At the beginning of the season I thought he'd be the one to go if a better player was available for signing, but now I think Dontell is one of our better players. Stat-wise he is way better than Maurice Baker at point. He needs to improve with turnovers and rookie mistakes, but if he keeps playing like he has, I expect him to make an NBA roster in the next couple of years.

3. Quemont Greer (26.19607843)
What can I even say about Quemont? He is simply amazing. With Justin gone, we needed someone to step up and he did. Then, with Renaldo leaving, he stepped up even more. I can't see why the NBA doesn't want him. The arc on his shot is so high that he could hit the moon, figuratively speaking of course, but it works so that's all that matters.

4. Kevin Lyde (24.42105263)
Statistically Kevin is a good player, but sometimes I cannot stand watching him. It seems his only post move is backing down his defender and using his weight to his advantage. Plus, he has a major foul problem, which has been bad when we've been shorthanded. Some things are impressive though. He shoots well up close, he's a good rebounder, and an outstanding blocker, not as good as Justin, though, in that aspect.

5. Curtis Stinson (22.85714286)
At the beginning of his first and only game so far, Curtis did not impress me. However, as the game progressed, I was very impressed with him. I'm concerned with the number of rookies we have currently (3, 4 if Justin comes back and all 3 other rookies stay), but I believe that we have some very talented rookies who could make it to the NBA in the next couple of years. I cannot say much about him yet since he's only played one game so I'll leave it at this.

6. James Maye (21.48837209)
James's stats don't show him as playing well, but I think that he is. He is for sure playing better than he did last year. Obviously the thing with him that I love is his free throws. When the game is on the line, he hardly ever misses. That one game recently (versus Fort Worth maybe?) he missed towards the end of the game, but one exception isn't changing my mind. I think what is holding his efficiency back is that he doesn't have spectacular numbers in blocks, steals, rebounds, or assists. The numbers certainly aren't horrible, but they aren't going to put him near our top efficiency players.

7. Alfred Neale (17.4814815)
It's really hard for me to judge Alfred's performance this season since his minutes are limited, but I'll try. He doesn't really stand out when he's playing, but he does the things that are needed to be done by him. He has good per 48-minute numbers in steals, turnovers, and rebounds, which are very important numbers obviously, especially with Justin and Renaldo gone.

8. Maurice Baker (15.50259067)
I really feel bad for Maurice. His stats just aren't showing his skills and the problem is that his skills are NBA-level. If he would have rested his ankle longer instead of returning to the Wizards at the start of the season, he could be 100% now, but since he's been playing around 29 minutes a game on a hurt ankle, he's not at 100%. However, I feel that it's been very important for our team to have him play even though his stats are not good. He is definitely a great playmaker and leader. The problem right now is that he cannot use his incredible speed, which is what made him such a threat last year.

9. Geoff Husted (14.86725664)
Now I understand that Geoff is coming back from an injury also, but his play has been unacceptable in my mind. His field goal percentage is appalling (36.58536585%) and just watching him play makes me wish he was recovering from his injury instead of playing. He is not getting up and down the court fast enough either. I was actully glad when he got ejected in our home loss versus Fort Worth because I could not stand watching him play any longer while players like Rod were on the bench.

10. Tremaine Fowlkes (-11.0769231)
No, that negative efficiency is not a joke. Tremaine had a horrible first game and a horrible first impression. I know he can be a good player because he's been playing for a long time and he's got plenty of NBA experience. If he's still around with Renaldo and maybe Justin coming back, I'm expecting him to play better, which will not be hard.

That's my two cents on our team right now. Actully, that's more like a dollar than two cents, but you know what I mean.

And make sure to vote for All-Stars. I'd keep voting for Renaldo and Justin since Renaldo is coming back and Justin might come back. I've been voting for only two players in the West (Jeff Graves and Shawn Daniels) and four players in the East (Renaldo, Justin, James, and Quemont with an occasional throw-in of Maurice, Dontell, and Kevin so they get some votes).

So how do you think we'll do on Saturday in Fort Worth. I think we can win if we stop Pops Mensah-Bonsu from controlling the boards and if we stop Jose Barea from driving to the lane, which either ends in him scoring or him kicking it out to a teammate along the perimeter who makes a shot.

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