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Originally Posted by Sam Hill View Post
Hey, I was right!

So, tell me this, 4th&Long and all the other spring sycophants: how come, no matter how many times alternative leagues fail, you all insist there's a huge market for it?

How come every time, the market proves it's not as interested as you think it is?

How come the league that had the most going for it that any alternative league since the USFL needed a $250M savior after two weeks of drawing a third of what the NFL draws?

When are you going to admit you're wrong?
Heh. Yours is the first post of 2019. I'll be surprised if more than two people see your post.

I'm told that most tickets in Arizona are over $50 a pop, in case you want to call that affordable. Of course, that's part of your point.
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