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No, f*** Bill.

Polian treated everyone who came into contact with him who could do him no immediate direct good as a person not worthy of respect.

As for Tim Tebow, he last played in a meaningful football game in....December 2012. And last played a meaningful role in a meaningful football game in January 2012.

Meaning it will have been seven years since he played a meaningful role in a meaningful football game IF he plays in the AAF in the spring of 2019, when he will be 31 years old.

Spurrier was able to get production out of guys who were worse players than Tebow (though it was at the college level where he did that). He'll probably be way ahead of the other teams in terms of offense, and if Tebow decides to give up the baseball thing and play football again (just to play, presumably, because it's not going to lead back to the NFL), it'll probably be fun to watch.

But, please, y'all.
Old enough to remember when bashing the ABA was fun.
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