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Post ESPN: Vince McMahon: XFL to return in 2020 without gimmicks

Great summary article of XFL return

Vince is taking this much more serious this time...

>>Over the next couple of months, the league will announce the eight cities, expected to be large and medium-sized markets, where the teams will play. Team names will follow.

"Every city is on our radar," McMahon told reporters.

Then will come selection of players for the 40-man rosters. Salaries will be determined, but McMahon said players will make more money for winning.

"To me that's common sense," McMahon said. "Everyone in America lives when they perform, they get a raise or bonus. That's capitalism."

Although the season is only 10 weeks, McMahon said the contract will be a 52-week job so players can work themselves into the communities where they play.

It is not clear whether star players, should they garner national attention, will be able to jump to the NFL.

"One thing we are not is a development league for the NFL," McMahon said.<<
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