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Originally Posted by Sam Hill View Post
The average NFL salary is just south of $2M. Now, we all know there is not much of a middle class anymore in the post-1993 free agency era, but. still, to pick off NFL free agents, you're going to have to spend millions just to get in the door. And for a recognizable player? Way more (remember, you'd have to outbid the NFL for the guy). For a recognizable player who can actually move the needle and maybe get you some return? Pfffft. Multiple millions.

And depending on the player's position, you're going to need to support him by spending money in some other places.

Bottom line: the $100M McMahon will realize from the stock sale won't even get them close to relevance.
I agree with all of that, but if he doesn't invest in players that people recognize the league is certain to die a slow death. He will have no chance at a television contract, or drawing more than a few thousand people at games, if his business model is simply to live off of the NFL's scraps.

Originally Posted by Sam Hill View Post
And fans in cities that have lost NFL teams wanted to see *NFL* football. Not crap football played by players who are not even close to being good enough for the NFL.
Everyone wants *NFL* football. But, those markets I mentioned ain't got it no more. All they got is bitterness now.
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