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We'll see!

The travel makes no sense at all 14 hours 856 miles between two cities,that type of trip usually are for baseball and hockey teams that can indeed afford to travel like that, interim of players being available to make that journey.

How about that (NLL)

FILLING THE HOUSE: NLL attendance continues to grow, with preseason attendance this year up almost 20%, with a preseason record crowd of 12,857 in Calgary two weeks ago. The League's average attendance last year of almost 7,500 per match trailed only that of the NBA and NHL in terms of professional indoor sports - beating out indoor soccer, indoor football and the WNBA. It marked the third straight season of attendance growth, directly relating to a 12% increase in net box office receipts in 2017.

Indoor/arena football should be ashamed of themselves I'm talking about the ones who think of themselves as the big league players of the sport.

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