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Implode alert

Malcolm Farmer, a Neltex representative, on Wednesday praised Fenyes’ contribution to the Railroaders but also confirmed the change of presidency.

“This is sports,” Farmer said. “And, after every season, you evaluate what went right and what didn’t. We love Robbie and he was the right man to launch the team. He poured his heart and soul into making the Railroaders’ first season back a successful season.

“That said, Robbie will remain part of the team but we’re going with [current Railroaders Assistant General Manager Bill Adams] as the general manager going forward,” Farmer said.

Farmer, when asked whether Fenyes’ continuing position with the organization will be with the Railroaders or with Neltex, which owns several other sports teams, simply said that Fenyes will continue to be welcomed to Railroaders’ games. Farmer, when reached again later for comment, clarified that Fenyes retains an ownership interest in the team but is no longer employed by them.

Fenyes on Wednesday morning called Farmer’s claim that he was still connected to the Railroaders or Neltex a “very weird statement.”

“I don’t have a job with Neltex or the Railroaders,” Fenyes said. “I don’t have a job offer and don’t have a paycheck after Friday. My email goes away and I have nothing to do with Neltex. The only thing I can think of is that I have a very, very small ownership percentage in the team but am no longer employed by them.”

Adams on Wednesday confirmed that he has been named the team’s general manager.

“We’re excited about the 2018 season and working toward it already,” Adams said.

For sale?

Farmer denied that the Railroaders are for sale.

“I would say those rumors are just that,” Farmer said. “The team is not actively for sale. We’re in the cream of the crop when it comes to stadiums. It’s brand new. Right now the St. Paul Saints’ stadium is considered a cut above and the benchmark but we’re confident that within a short time The Depot is going to be included in that same vein.”

Fenyes, however, said the sale rumors are true.

“They asked me [in October] to try to find a buyer and have been engaging in trying to sell the team,” Fenyes said.

Cain also contradicted Farmer’s statement.

“We know Donnie is considering selling,” Cain said. “What he’s expressed to me is that he’s looking to see if he can find the right fit for an ownership group that will manage it and take care of those day-to-day things so he can move on to doing something else.

I added this part so you could clearly understand that the mayor's statement about the city having no input on what happens from the cities perspective if a sale happens, the city has some responsibility upon what will happen in a sale. In the full article the mayor states the city has no involvement in a sale of the team but that is not true.

Stadium Lease Agreement

Article 18.14 Proceeds from sale of Baseball Team

If Tenant assigns its rights under the Franchise Agreement or sells the baseball team that plays on the Demised Premises (and Tenant shall be permitted to make such assignment or sale only as otherwise permitted by this lease) then upon the consummation of such assignment or sale. Tenant shall pay Landloard cash in the amount equal to the lesser of twenty five percent (25%) of the net profit (according to GAAP) received by Tenant and or its Affiliates in connection with the assignment or sale, or $250,000.
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