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The mayor is gently pushing them aside for an affiliated team, The Wingnuts owner is doing all he can to stay but its clear the city doesn't want them a new stadium is in the works but not for the Wingnuts, a sell is probably out of the question as well why would any one buy them when they would have to relocate them anyway.

Conversation around second base is that either of the two struggling Texas teams could go away, maybe not so much in a sense in Cleburne the city owns the team name so without buying that away the new team would still be called the same, so the question is would the Wingnuts really be interested in doing that.

Recent happening's around the subject of Wingnuts and stadium below NKSPORTS will probably fill in a few more details at some point to this question.

The city is planning a special taxing district to generate to generate tens of millions of dollars to replace or dramatically renovate the aging Lawrence-Dumont Stadium with hopes of landing an affiliated tenant team.

Wichita has been without a MLB affiliated team since the Wranglers left for Springdale, Ark., in 2007.

The Wingnuts, the current baseball tenant at Lawrence-Dumont, plays in an independent league that is not part of MLB’s farm-team system.

The council also voted to spend as much as $200,000 on stadium repairs if necessary for the Wingnuts to play the 2018 season.

About $8,000 to $15,000 of that will go to pay for a structural analysis. The remaining $185,000 or more is authorized to pay for any repairs necessary to maintain the safety of stadium patrons, said Alan King, public works director.

He said his staff does not expect that any major structural problems will be found.

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