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The Grizzlies recently left the NAL to join the AAL, what prompted the move?

Bryan: It was more or less getting back to what our original focus was when we formed the team. The plan was to have regional rivalries with local travel and that didn't happen with the NAL. When we originally formed the team, we were going to be part of the American Indoor Football League (AIF) but before that happened, the league folded. We decided we would join the Arena Developmental League which ended up being the National Arena League. Through those transactions we went from being regional to a league which had teams all over the place like in Monterrey, Mexico, and Corpus Christi. The NAL wants to grow into a nationwide league and were talking to teams in New York and on the West Coast and that wasn't what we envisioned for ourselves. We wanted to be in a league where our fans could travel a couple of hours and attend out away away games and the other team's fans could come up here. We didn't want to travel more than six hours and unfortunately, with the Nal that was our shortest trip.

They were at least willing to say it in a public forum.

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