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4th I can admire your steadfastness, but there are certain times when the writing is on the wall.

1.I know and fully understand this game is a brute sport keep what you kill
they didn't have a good game plan going in recall that the Firebirds couldn't finish the season without league help,so why would you hear any conversation from them for season two. (if you have a standard )
2.They only have one team even in the conversation for a national sponsor and its in Florida. The league has nothing a national sponsor would be interested in..
3.Okay I'll give you some of the uncertainty argument, but if the league is promoting itself as an answer to some of those ill's within the sport, then turn around and contribute to that uncertainty sir well you get it

I hope they can pull it off,but the odds are against them. The only long term hope the league appears to have is a conversation with another as a division they only have 3 teams at this point, and a lot of maybe's and if's now they could play with that but it looks like a walking dead segment right now.

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