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Originally Posted by suge night View Post
(A Fan Question)Wasn't it is written on the NAL website that expansion teams had to be finalized by August 15th?

League response
The NAL would like to keep fans up-to-date as much as we can regarding League matters. The hot topic always at this time of year is expansion. While we would love to divulge all the markets we are in discussions with at this time, we cannot. Here is what we can say. The Jacksonville Sharks, Lehigh Valley Steelhawks, Columbus Lions and Jersey Flight have all signed 3-year NAL Membership Agreements. Monterrey has asked for more time to handle other business issues before turning in their membership to play in the NAL in 2018. Georgia is still in lease negotiations. Corpus Christi, Dayton and High Country will not return in 2018. The League is in the final steps of the lease negotiations in 5 new markets. This means we could have 5 new teams IF the leases are acceptable. Although late in the process, there is one additional team (making a sixth new team) that is now in the mix. The NAL is not concerned with the number of teams in our League as we are with the quality of ownership, operators and the buildings we play in as a League. Additionally, the NAL has adopted a policy of standard professionalism of uniformity in all we do. In 2018 League will have the same uniform supplier, minimum field standards, websites and signage standards, etc. We will do whatever it takes to make sure the quality of our product is at the highest standard of arena football. There is no hard deadline to complete expansion, but we expect the majority of our expansion to take place in the next 30-45 days. Thanks to all the great fans who care so much about the NAL!

A lot to take in here, first thing that jumps off the screen at you is just how uncertain the league is about its membership. Secondly why have the only three teams that are for sure sign a term of commitment when the league itself is an uncertain entity, and Third why attempt to have some type of standard in the second season if you failed to have one from the start, shouldn't that have already been set in stone year one.
And finally arena negotiations are pretty simple either you pay up front in full in most arena's today or at least your first two dates, anything else is not negotiable so what is there to talk about.
Appears Mexico simply wasn't willing to hear the crap about uncertain teams or that they would need to float payments for teams to travel to them again.

30 days we'll see exactly what from the league? tick tick he's coming (movie line) appropriate for the suspense here.
I don't think any of this is as easy as you might think.
1- I'd say the commitment part is so that potential expansion teams see a commitment and are more likely to join.
2 - The standard/uniformity is to attract league wide sponsors. They didn't in year one as they likely did not have time and could not be as picky
3- Yes there is uncertainty - that's the name of the game in Arena/Indoor FB

With AFL CBA uncertainty who knows what's at play here. What if the AFL implodes and say Philadelphia wants to continue? There's also the Orlando brand and franchise question. Getting the Predator brand from AFL may be a sticking point in negotiations. Or it could be stalling. I think losing Monterrey is an issue. Who knows, if they have 6 solid franchises that should work. They may even be talking to IFL as an 'eastern division' if all else fails. Its a drawn out wait and see.

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