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The league should be making up ground, but appears to not have any steam to close ranks on remaining IFL teams as a division.

The IFL is but a shadow of former glory and the negotiations by NAL they can't get the conversation started in its direction.

National Arena League: The Richmond (VA) Roughriders team, which announced in late July the team would be joining the NAL for the 2018 season, will now be part of the American Arena League (AAL) for the 2018 season. For its first season in 2017, the Richmond Roughriders were the champions of the league known as Arena Pro Football, which merged with the Can-Am Indoor Football League after the season to form the new AAL. As of now, the AAL has a five-team Southern Division and a five-team Northern Division that will include the Roughriders. The NAL is down to seven teams with six returning teams from 2017, plus the expansion Jersey Flight (Trenton).

The entire marketplace of indoor football is influx and those charged with maintaining something are failing, yes the CIF added but lost as well, a restructure is needed but those in charge are asleep at the wheel.
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