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Robster2001, is on point

Originally Posted by Sam Hill View Post
It's not my business.

Allowing misinformation, conspiracy theories and stupid takes to populate a site - good business model.

Sam's statement takes on what most message boards consist of differing points of view some theory and even misinformation, while agreement on subject matter will differ and probably not even gain support that is all well and good. After all its the message board where most of that is taking place.

Now if you want to question the direction the site is going or has taken, feel free but what exactly has the new ownership said or not said they intend to develop the site into? appears they are settled with selling ad space based around the content, not number of views or membership.

Or that they have any interest in pulling more minor league fans here to get news about their teams, now these are things we don't really know but based upon the silence that theory is not without merit, would this site scale if more minor league fans were to visit regularly for news on their teams no question about that.

But under the current format what Sam say's is a problem draws a few new faces daily if for no other reason than to read the message board it works, maybe not on a scale of growth many would question based around the life line of the site but it does allow some ad dollars revenue exchange.

In closing I'll leave this with you: Ronald Reagan's
Former White House Chief of Staff Michael Deaver
was asked a question about appearance of a president?
He responded by saying appearance is very important, (staging)
How you stage the message is more important.
(It's Game) after all it's game isn't it.

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