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A REAL quote from the article...

>Indeed, some teams were intrigued with what they saw. The Panthers, in particular, took advantage of a relatively short drive and came away with six players -- including Ash -- who are participating this weekend in their rookie minicamp. Koncz and three other scouts rolled through during the course of the month.

"I think this league is on the right path and Brian's got the right idea," Koncz said. "It seems like there are lots of people that come in and have grand ideas of having lots of games in big stadiums and get television rights and all that. What Brian did was get guys in, play some games, have time for scouts to come in and evaluate and see what was there. A lot of these guys got looks that otherwise would not have."<

The SL is a player driven league geared towards NFL CFL placement. Different, maybe less appealing, but has some support.

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