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Post ESPN: Is Spring League an NFL springboard? It's at least a shot

The SL - more an academy than a league IMO had some success (by their own measure) with its limited mission. Now a July showcase may be coming.
This is a good article - take a read.

>David Ash stepped away from football in 2014, his career as the University of Texas quarterback cut short by concussions. Then, a wild thing happened. Three years later, he jumped in a car, drove from Texas to West Virginia and joined an upstart developmental league that helped deliver him to the Carolina Panthers' rookie minicamp this weekend.
Scouts visited from 10 NFL teams and two Canadian Football League teams, according to CEO Brian Woods. Another 20 teams requested practice and game video.
The structure met with approval among a scouting community that will be vital to The Spring League's future. Whether it was receiving fresh information on nearly forgotten players such as Ash, or benefiting from a conditioned arm in Bethel-Thompson -- who will participate in the New York Jets' minicamp -- the scouts saw potential in the concept.

It wasn't perfect even by low expectations but it got some into NFL-minicamp and that was the goal.


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