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Looks like the first season of the ADL is going to be a rocky one, another team leaves the fold to join a league that currently appears it could be a division within some league.

The Corpus team from what is being floated around was to be one of a few teams within a Texas division that was to include Mexico, but that appears to have dissolved leaving Corpus with travel problems for first season and possibly ending their season by the midseason point as operating cost mount.

Jacksonville appears to have slowed its move into the league, which would have been for one season only anyway, though something could still work in way of games being played between the two groups.

The ADL could possibly become a third indoor league, but will have to rethink how to get there, as far as these other leagues reported in the minor league franchise report on this site (wasted ink) reporting on leagues who's teams have facebook pages without any real content relevant to them being anything other than weekend warrior semi pro ventures, you can always spot them by lack of any real mission statement or relevant information other than a tryout fee.:

And that is okay for those leagues a group of players who just simply want to play is fine but calling them development leagues makes them the joke maybe low level A class ball but finding even one guy who could be a realistic pro talent even for indoor football would be reaching cool:

Example of a semi pro website posting:
Louisiana Cottonmouth's

October 8 at 6:41pm
We are Seeking Different Coaching Positions and Executive Staff.

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