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A news conference held in Corpus Christi announced the Corpus Christi Rage, but didn't discuss a division of possible teams they would need in order to save money in the long term, if they were to play as the league is currently published.
The travel of a season pushes the operating cost well into the red ink marking even more than it will be already operating sure the usual noise of we are prepared for this will be the company line, but this team would only make sense in the ADL with a division and without any supporting announcement from the league, are they even on the same page......

If Jacksonville joins the ADL it will be temporary, as was stated in another thread organizations operating with the cash this team has had to spend in its recent past, to being told what to do by a league it could simply buy and has no equal within it, they would simply absorb the ADL in parts on there way to a new league, which reports are very strong of being what Jacksonville has in mind.

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